Friday, December 3, 2010

(Video) Richard Jefferson rides another Grown Man "like a Donkey" LOL [so Disrespectful]


Just when you think you've seen it all. *smh*. I can't decide which is more disrespecful. THIS or Blake Griffin's 2nd Dunk.

(Video) Ballet Routine [AMAZING]

Impossible is Nothing

PRECISION PRECISION PRECISION! Just IMAGINE The Hours she has spent trying to NAIL this!

Rhythmic gymnastics is a style of gymnastics that combines theater, ballet, apparatus manipulation, and gymnastics. 
At competitions, rhythmic gymnasts are judged on flexibility, pirouettes, leaps, balances, artistic value, and the use of their props.

How would you say she did?

To Checkout the product of hardwork and dedication just and "judge"...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cleveland will Chant for Lebron!


What you need to Know:
1. Lebron James is playing his first game in the house he built... since he left it.
2. Cleveland Cavalier fans are mildly upset.
3. No publicity... i$ bad publicity. Besides...some of these are pretty creative.

Personally I hope Lebron does em like Jordan used to do em every other playoffs...but I digress.

UPDATE: THE HEAT - more specifically - LEBRON DOMINATED the Cavs in a 27 point victory. That is all.

For the Chant Sheet organized by Cleveland fans just...

(Video) Rejects - Cat Daddy (Starring BREEZY)

What You Need To Know:
1. The Dances are Fresh
2. Technically - the colors and animation burst are DOPE.
3. The Bars are loose but cypher-worthy!

"You heard of too short? Well I'm too long/ 
In the club - all Black - goin Akon"

This is a VERY RARE situation.

(Video) Drugs - Not Once [Hilarious]


Sometimes a student needs a comedic break when the semester's coming to a hellish end!
What You Need to Know:
1. I do NOT care for Siamese-Glass-Cats for Christmas... but I will appreciate some of THESE or THIS. or if my long lost Oil-tycoon Uncle pops up one of DEEEEEZ
2. Sometimes you gotta start a new chapter.
3. Sometimes friends won't like it.

"*uck Ancient Egypt, *uck Nobility....*uck...CATS"

But to see the worst just...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(Audio) Snoop Dogg - Wet


What You Need To Know:
1. Queen Elizabeth summoned the Doggfather to usher in Prince William's nuptials (Bachelor Party).
2. If I could have anybody put me on the Wedding game, IT'S THE BIG SNOOP DOGG.
3. Ladiiiiies... GIT MOIST!

For the Tune and Snoop's side of the story just...