Friday, March 25, 2011

(Video) Swizz Beatz and Dr. Dre rock a night club #Detox

Nothin like a lil Swizz to brighten things up

What you need to Know:
1. Detox is coming (yes I know, you've grown and don't care that Santa doesn't exist anymore)
2. Swizz is giving EVERYONE his right about now. Kanye, Jay, and Drake would have to agree.
3. Dre switched up the flow, switched up the delivery, still G-FUNKY. Definitely the best leak of the mythical  album YET.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Interscope drones have been pretty good about finding REAL clips of this song, because every clip I post is taken down 5 minutes later. MENTION me if you're tryna hear it and can't wait till Detox.