Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Audio) Puff's Dirty Money - Yeah Yeah You Would (Prod. By Danja)

What You Need To Know:
1. This is a HELL of a kickoff for an album
2. Only play in quality speakers and/or headphones.
3. What Puff lacks in anything else, he makes up for in his mastering Production... and those Ladies, oh how I could I forget the Ladies.

To Download some free tracks off the Album in the mixtape just and get your ticket just...

(Audio) "The Joy"

1-2 OKAY

Marvin Gaye samples gettin me through this Final Exam season right now.

Badly needin Valentine L

To Listen and Download just...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



What you need to know:
1. "Balsamic" is a type of VINEGAR commonly used in food preparation. BALSILLIE - 1st name Jim - is the name of RIM/Blackberry CEO. #FAIL
3. Your Services can not change without your service provider notifying you! THAT'S WHY YOU'RE IN A contract!!!
Forwarding ME this BBM message from now on, shall be regarded as your confirmation that you are signing over your 1st born CHILDREN to my possession for hard labor!

-You can fool SOME of the people SOME of the time...-