Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thank Me Later (Immediate Response)


This guy did everything he possibly could have done in his initial presentation of his artistic capabilities. I'll leave it up to others to turn it inside out and get into details, but long-story short: Everything he is capable of artistically, he does VERY well.

An all-star feature and production casts may have deafened most artist's voice. Drake, however, manages to still stand out, whether through the never-ending clever lines, seductive melodies, or just brutal honesty of his current and past lifestyles.

It will be interesting how this piece of work influences the rest of Hip-Hop. Hopefully we'll thank him later. (pun intended)

Current Favorites:

"The Resistance" (Brutal Honesty) "I avoided the Coke game, and went with Sprite instead"

"Show Me a Good Time" (Kanye's Production)

"Up All Night" (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (Boi1da's drums are stupid)

"Unforgettable" (Ft. Jeezy) "I'm lookin forward to the memories of right now"

That's the Word


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