Monday, November 1, 2010

(Audio) Kid Cudi - The Prayer

Moment of Clarity: Barely

Quite a few deaths and serious illnesses happened in my close family this year (especially this Fall Semester DAMN).  Since they're thousands of miles away, I've had the selfish luxury of not giving them enough thought and prayer. Even worse, not even gotten better at doing the same who are alive and far.  All this I've managed to stash away in my mental somewhere, but the mind knows no boundaries and all that started bouncing around during a test I was takin earlier on tonight. (closest I've come to tearin up in a while).

THIS song offered yet another selfish escape immediately upon walkin out and creepin in my headphones' world... until I'm in forced silence again...

Thanks, Cudder.


To listen just...

That's the Word


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