Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots over Stanley Cup Loss

What You need to Know:
1. Hockey is to Canada what Baseball is to America, what Soccer is to Brazil, what coke is to Colombia - it is simply what they do best and are proud of it.  (and really it's the only thing they're good at)
2. Canadians are usually regarded as mellow, gentle and generally unthreatening people (see: Justin Bieber, Drake, and William Shatner)
3. Vancouver is in Canada, Stupid (I capitalized that because it's your title for not knowing that). Anyway, this happened because a Canadian team lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Blah-blahs.  This especially stings because no team wants to loose to a team from Boston.  Boston sports clubs tend to have some of the most pompous fans in all of sports. (See: Boston Red-Sox)

Bonus: I may have reached a personal record for how many people I can offend in a single post.  At least it's not Feminists or PETA this time.  Those people are scary.

To See video footage and imagery of the *uckery just...

Gallery 1 - Vancouver Sun 

Gallery 2 - CBC News
A Canucks Fan eats/climbs a stoplight

A couple makes angry Stanley-Cup love in classic Canadian Hockey-Hooligan fashion.

At the 3:10 Mark, a civil man tries to back the mob down. It doesn't work out well for him

Too Far? Would you do this for your favorite team?


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