Thursday, June 10, 2010

MMA Fighter rips out Friend's heart and eyes while high on Shrooms

That headline pretty much speaks for itself. The Homies enjoyed the movie Hangover. *hit started getting too real.
It's all fun and games until you think your buddy's the devil and you just GOTTA cook his heart. Go Inside for details (no pun intended).
WARNING: if you don't trust your friends... this won't help


Jarrod Wyatt brought a new meaning to the phrase, "Eat your heart out", after getting a little higher than he could handle.
The MMA fighter and several of his friends, including Taylor Powell (victim), decided to take a trip to the wildside when Wyatt took a HARD Left.

According to sources, Wyatt was standing naked drenched in Powell's blood, as Powell lay next to him lifeless in a blood-bath.

"My client was trying to silence the devil" said Wyatt's defense attorney.

Apparently Wyatt had taken a form of mushrooms, and became convinced that Powell was indeed "the devil". In his noble attempt to save humanity he managed to rip his friend's eyes and his heart from his chest, while he was alive.

Upon reporting to the scene police found the victim's eyes on the floor and his heart cooking in the kitchen.

Wyatt is facing 1st Degree Murder charges.

For more details read sources:

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Last thought: Well this anti-drug campaign writes itself then, doesn't it.

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